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Phrases like “I felt” or “I saw” hold the reader at arm’s length. Remove the phrases and the writing gains immediacy, flow, and momentum. Your unfiltered story will zoom in on the events at hand, so the reader experiences them directly, not through the POV character whispering in their ear. Come join us in the June Writing Exercise! Writing Exercises now.

OUTLANDER fans: Check out the Diana Gabaldon section for discussion about a variety of topics relating to Diana Gabaldon's books and the OUTLANDER TV series. Season 7 begins June 16! Come and tell us what you thinik of the new season.

Calling all readers: what great books are you currently reading? The Reading Lounge is for general reading chatter, or if you want to talk about a specific book, we have genre-specific folders.

Aspiring writers often have questions when they're writing outside their immediate experience, so if you need to answer questions about blood spatter, the care & keeping of chickens, or Castilian Spanish, you can visit the Research Questions section to ask fellow writers, readers, and the generally curious-minded for help with those sticky wickets without getting your historical fiction's dye recipe from a video game wiki.

If you're a writer, or would like to be, The Craft of Writing has discussions on all things to do with the craft of writing. Join in the Writing Exercises, request feedback on a snippet of your work in Critique Café, and join the Writers Workshop to exchange critiques of your work-in-progress. We have plenty of talented writers, including a number of published authors.

If you're a closet writer, too embarrassed to show your work to others, is the perfect place for you! Get feedback from experienced writers in a friendly environment - everyone had a first time, and lived to tell the tale...